Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I Do Not Think Most People Would Share the View That There is Mounting Chaos

In fact, I like Jim Callaghan so much, I've even changed my name - to Jim Callaghan!

I've not done this lark before so bear with me if it goes wrong. Also beware that future name changes might take in the other forgotten PMs, Harold Macmillan and Harold Wilson, and possibly even our old mate Baillie Vass.


Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Tin Drummer - have you had a touch of the sun, old chap? :)

Jim Callaghan said...

No!!!! I just like old Sunny Jim, that's all!!

jmb said...

Are you trying to drive me crazy? I said what the heck, how did some blog called Jim Callaghan get in my blogpower bloglines feed?

Jim Callaghan said...

Ho ho!!

I hadn't thought of the effect on bloglines or blogrolls!

Crushed said...

How about Francis Urquhart?

Surely the best PM ever?

Jim Callaghan said...

Well, of course! But then again where's the tragic narrative, the career ending in failure, the country going down the ****ing plughole? The advent of Mrs T?

Only Smiling Jim Callaghan can provide all of that.