Saturday, 21 June 2008

For Matt Out of An Insomniac

There are strong strains of Logopolis to tonight's Who.

The stars are going out.

The Cloister Bell (which, I am sure, is the *EXACT SAME* sound effect as used in 1981).

There is work with mirror sort of things (though the strongest resemblance here is to Kinda, obviously).

Though also this looks a bit like Planet of the Spiders.

Donna really isn't that different from Tegan.

References to telescopes.

um...alright, there's not that much. But it did strike me. And I guess they just sampled the original effect.

But it was the original effect from 1981. Did the sound effect travel in time I wonder?

But with all the Bad Wolf crap it means we won't see the Monitor resurrected, or Anthony Ainley given a posthumous role.

Never mind. Just the Daleks again then.

Fuck me if you'd've said this in 1990 I'd've bitten your hands off and possibly your arms as well.

In them days Doctor Who was a partial defence against the collapsing social and economic world around us.



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Matt M said...

I think it was the original cloister bell sound. Which would make it the third time they've used it in nu-Who: 1) In the first Children in Need special, and 2) a distorted version in 'The Sound of Drums'. So someone on the production team likes it. :-)

Just the Daleks again then.

And... no, wait... I've said too much already.

(I saw him - they had a clip of him on 'Doctor Who Confidential'!)