Thursday, 12 June 2008

An Assumption

Assuming that David Davis' extraordinary resignation and intention to fight a bye-election on the subject of 42 days is motivated solely by his stated disgust at the erosion of liberties in this country - he is a great man! Of course you can never be certain of anyone's motivations, especially in politics, and DD is somewhat to the right of Cameron: but the things he listed in his speech, surveillance, extreme powers given to local councils for minor offences, and the erosion of justice in this country will have found the support of many many people, left and right. He'll have lost some of the left with his mention of hate crime laws, but he keeps mine.

The question is: can he bounce the country into the debate on privacy and liberty that we so desperately need? Or will he just become part of another lot of cynical politics? Will the media -correctly, maybe - paint him as just attempting to undermine Cameron?

For the moment, I'm being naive about this because it's time I was naive about something.

Well done, sir. Good luck.

UPDATE: 1.25pm: Oh well, that didn't take long. It's not that much of a sacrifice if the Lib Dems aren't going to fight it is it? And I guess they'd already stitched up the deal. Hey ho. The debate is still essential.


Matt M said...

Those more informed on this whole politics thingy than I are suggesting it's more to do with internal party politics - DD is apparently attempting to get Cameron to make a public stand on the issue of 42 day detention.

Chervil said...

I agree with you - we need an open and honest debate about civil liberties, and not just in the UK. Australia has followed down the same path, and any changes in the UK often filter through to law makers here.

Baht At said...

can he win against the Sun though?

Sadly even in rural Yorkshire the sort of moron who read the Sun can still vote and Rupert is going to spend whatever it takes to win this one.

Jim Callaghan said...

Matt: that's what Labour want you to think.

Chervil - Amen.

Baht At - Yes I think he can; the Sun is nowt these days, no-one gives a toss, and that's entirely because we all know the Sun turned on a sixpence to support Bliar in 97: the Sun has totally lost its upper-working class Tory vibe: who gives a flying fuck what it thinks now.

Let's fuck stinker Murdoch. Fuck him and let his shitty papers fuck off too.

As my old socialist grandad would say, every day from 1969 until he died in 2002!!