Sunday, 25 May 2008

More Dishonest Bastards

A report out yesterday from "Wembley", actually a front for a group of fascist Doncasterites, suggests that Leeds lost the play off final.


Someone hasn't been doing their research well. A study earlier this year by B Remner, "Leeds Are Fucking Amazing" showed that Leeds actually should have been in the Premier League; and another large-scale study, "Fuck Me This Is Shit" by Bye Tsurl-Egs, showed that the act of Leeds' being in League One was inherently unfair. Attempts by dishonest Man Utd fans to discredit these studies were roundly dismissed by impartial, peer reviewed publications such as "Fuck Everyone Else: Leeds Are Ace" and it is only reactionary fuckwits on the other side of the Pennines who don't think that Leeds should be in the top flight.

Attempts by "Mad Mans" to perniciously discredit the achievements of Leeds have failed, or rather have not failed. But in terms of truth, some sort of right, they have failed. The position of Leeds in League One AGAIN is an injustice, a testament to the power of bigotry. It is the right of all Leeds fans to be in the Premier League, and the constant distortion of this right by men in suits, or rather fuckwits in shorts, is an affront to the control all Leeds fans ought to have over their own team.


Crushed said...

The same bastards relegated us...

Again, pure bigotry. They just can't count the points properly.
Every Blues fans know it's 3 points for Birmingham City turning up..., no points for Villa ever.

That's the rules. But still they don't listen...

The Tin Drummer said...

Well, CBI, I guess I am indulging in small-scale hamfisted satire. I actually have no axe to grind for Leeds at all.

But I was sad to see Birmingham go down. I like both Alex McLeish and Steve Bruce. I'm glad McLeish hasn't been sacked- he's a fine manager and he'll bring you right back up.

And if I might make so bold, I always like to see Birmingham in the premier league. I just think England's 2nd city should have a few clubs in the top flight.

Although I'm sure I once read a peer reviewed study called "Villa are a Bunch of Cunts"...who wrote it, ah, I think it was C Rush-Ed.