Saturday, 24 May 2008

Another Day, Another NuLab Ideologue Speaks

This time it isn't the feminists in govt, but the Children's Commissioner, Sir "Al" Aynsley-Green, (linked to above) who's made some kind of career through promoting children as a breed, or race in themselves, under constant threat from everyone else, slagging off parents and generally standing for a kind of "liberation of children" ideology. This time he is worried, because the new powers to search for knives will "antagonise" youths. He has, however, been remarkably quiet about the youths actually killing each other, except that the biggest danger he perceives, apparently, is adults "demonising" the little darlings.

It says everything about our progressive rulers, that they are actually afraid of a few scumbags with blades.

Or is it that they're just happy for the rest of us to be afraid of them?

I mean, a caring, progressive government could have no interest in casually promoting or ignoring violent crime, could it? Not while it's so keen to criminalise thoughts and rubbish bins.

It wouldn't want its law abiding citizenry to be more wary, less secure and more fearful, would it?

What would it have to gain?

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