Saturday, 19 April 2008


hmm, total lack of ideas today. Odd, isn't it. I can think of almost literally nothing worth posting. I suppose I could liveblog my lack of inspiration but it wouldn't make for very interesting reading. On the other hand, here's TD's NuLab inspired guide to being in government.

1) Slip an unpopular policy change in under the radar, while you give important policy speeches about more (possibly) popular stuff.

2) Sit back and watch the firestorm erupt.

3) Slag off people who don't like your new, not-exactly-publicised policy.

4) Point out that only people who don't matter will suffer.

5) Read opinion polls (although I wouldn't bother checking the BBC for them).

6) Rush out a "leaked" statement denying that you're thinking of reversing the policy, so that people automatically assume you are.

7) Wait for the storm to die down a bit.

8) Continue with your original crap policy.

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