Sunday, 27 April 2008

Loss of YouTube Virginity

Well I've joined the c21 with a mobile broadband connection and I've already used up a good proportion of my download limit looking up stuff I thought I'd never see again on Youtube. Here's a selection

1) Heysel as it happened.
2) The death of JFK as told by news bulletins
3) XTC performing senses working overtime
4) Announcement of Princess Diana's death
5) 1999 Champions League final
6) the cancellation of the Late Late Breakfast Show (oddly enough I had this announcement on Betamax for years as it came after an episode of Doctor Who)
7) News reports of the Miner's Strike
8) Threads (!)
9) 1981 European Cup Final
10) 1984 "
11) Joy Division and Love Will Tear Us Apart

This is amazing but 3g a month is no way enough!


Matt M said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Doctor Who youtube videos!

jams o donnell said...

You tube is definitely a treasure trove.

Crushed said...

I am way too addicted to Youtube.. I hardly bhuy music any more! :)