Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Joy of Blogging

Some time ago I would read the debates over at In Search of High Places, occasionally dip my oar in the deep waters, and generally marvel and the intelligence and humanity of Matt and Alex, two young bloggers from whom I have learned vast amounts (though I've forgotten most of it now). I still visit there often though I don't really comment much as I feel I have little to contribute.

There is a magnificent instance of blogging over at Deogolwulf's place: he has written an amazing critique of AC Grayling and the man himself has responded in the comments. I really hope it becomes an ongoing debate but I don't know if it will. Deogolwulf often posts brilliant stuff, but this is a real tour de force, and the prospect of Grayling himself debating Deogolwulf in the comments box is exciting.

So it's not all vitriol and alcohol, you know.


Matt M said...

The memory might be playing tricks, but I think Grayling once debated one of the posts over at (the now sadly deleted) 'Fisking Central' blog.

I may disagree with some of his arguments, but I admire his willingness to respond to critics on the Internet.

The Tin Drummer said...

Agreed. It's very impressive. It's good for the blogosphere and good for Grayling himself (sharpening the wits - maybe).

Deogolwulf said...

Thank you, Mr Drummer. I think the professor once commented at The Last Ditch too.