Tuesday, 25 March 2008

National Union of Twats

Right. They can just fuck off. Fortunately I am not a member of this not-so-august institution, but for what it's worth, they can have my little resolutions and they can stick them up their own arses:

1. I will never, ever, allow a representative of Respect, the SWP, the RCP, or any other type of nutjob leftism into my classroom.
2. I will never, ever, allow any appeal for Cuba to be made in any school I teach in.
3. I will never, ever, teach that socialism is anything other than a crock of shit.
4. I will never, ever, allow any green groups to promote their hate-filled envy driven alarmism in my classroom.
5. I will always believe of the NUT that they want their own ideologies, rigorously enforced, in all classrooms.
6. I will never, ever, join the NUT nor support anyone who does.
7. I will leave my own union if it takes up this bullshit.

A quick question for NUTjobs: who the fuck gave you this free, democratic society? I suppose you think it was the fucking socialist workers' party, don't you, you dickheads.

And a quick point for the not at all biased BBC, who give some Respect twat a very long quote but never identify him as such - the NUT conference is NOT "teachers", you ARSEHOLES, it is the conference of a bunch of old lefty nobheads, who should all fuck right off. Hannah Goff doesn't seem to know much about the Respect/SWP people at the conference - luckily Biased BBC does. Or their commenters do.


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Ooooh, I love it when you get angry!

Phil A said...

Wow! The energy! If only we could harness it for the benefit of all man - sorry humankind ;-)

Can't say I disagree with the sentiment though... Why does teaching, or at leat the NUT, seem to collect more than it's fair share of the woolly minded common sense challenged.

Colin Campbell said...

You have such a way with words. I am guessing that you have some issues with these chaps?

The Tin Drummer said...

Well, I think they're twats, yes. I also think the BBC has demonstrated its own bias by letting them off the hook.

phil A - dunno. Something to do with working for the state, probably, although a surprising number of private school teachers are also firebrand socialists, who just don't happen to think socialism should apply to them.