Monday, 31 March 2008

End of Month Post

*sniff* I've got the man-flu so I've nothing better to do than post. I think it's probably all these apopleptic rages I've been having lately (results below). It's a shame that, despite the widespread and increasing use of CCTV to punish people they can't get the damn things to do anything good - ie identify my sickness and send me lemsips and paracetamol through the post. If they can do it with parking tickets then it can't be impossible and it would surely be an excellent way of boosting the NHS's reputation. Actually now I come to think about it they could do the same with Stella, if they saw that you were a bit thirsty they could send round a 6-pack by courier.

oh, hang on. *blrrrrgh* that's better. A bog-roll is an ill man's best friend, that and his copy of Philip K Dick's collected stories, although some of these are too weird even for me. Especialy the one about the Fnools, though now I come to think about it, that isn't really about a spaced out alien invasion at all: it's a satire of male youth - they grow two feet when they smoke, drink, and finally when they either get their rocks off or feel a woman's tits (it's not made clear exactly which it is). Is a satire of youth or of a youth's perception of youthhood? Oh well, either way it's strange.

*sniff* Sigh. I need a lemsip. *sniff*

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