Thursday, 21 February 2008

Yet Another Investigation

The government yesterday launched its several millionth inquiry, this time into why a disk containing the details of 15 foreign criminals was apparently _not_ stolen, but stayed, untouched on a civil servant's desk for over a year. Well, that's where I keep all my crap, anyway. In the long hours of deathly dull radio coverage I didn't hear anyone ask "why did we let these bastards in in the first place?" but I guess I already know the answer to that. Keith Vaz, now apparently rehabilitated and trying but just failing to sound like a statesman, defended the government's announcement on Radio Bloke by saying "Well you'd be angry if the government wasn't doing's just unfortunate that all these things have gone missing lately" (slight paraphrase). Yes, Keith, is it unfortunate, and, clearly, nobody's fault: well, no-one who won't be paid off at vast expense anyway. I just love the way that Brown and his puppets actually think people are reassured by this guff. Or maybe, more likely, they don't care and it's just content-free noise to fill the spaces between our increasingly untended ears. Either way, looks like Vaz has achieved the feat of talking with only the larynx and without involving the higher brain centres at all, or duckspeaking.

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