Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Did the Earth Move, Darling?

Yes, yes, alright. As a matter of fact I tried out this sexist gag on 3 female staff members today and I received: 2 blank looks, and 1 "actually no it didn't". So much for my attempts at flirting.

The earth _did_ move for me, owing to being somewhere not very far north of Reading (ie Caversham) and lying, alone* and asleep in bed. What happened was this. I was having a rubbish dream and I woke up with my bed shaking and my door rattling. As I am a twat, I assumed my bed was being shaken by a ghost and thought nothing more of it, while I was genuinely worried by the rattling of my door, as I _knew_ I had closed all my windows, which I rarely do because I like the fresh air.

Then I remembered that I did not like ghosts.

Then it stopped.

Then I looked at my clock: 12.57.

Then I thought it must of been an earthquake but it couldn't of been because no-one was awake even the ill 7 year old in the house and no alarms were going off, as I mistakenly assumed would happen in the aftermath of the world going wobbly.

Then** I thought the following, which is a disgrace to all rational creatures in all universes: I know for certain I have experienced something real and not a dream. And yet it was a damnfool thing and no other bugger has felt anything. All is silence and nothingness. I am mistaken. Ergo I am going to relegate the experience from "real" to "dream". This means that, still odd, the experience can be easily explained by reference to my defective psyche.

And thought nowt else until I heard Nicky Campbell's excitable screeching at circa 6.30am.

what a world, eh? Cah.

*= there is an equation for this, believe it or not. It is this. (TD)(being an arse) + (other people) = disregard/indifference. I cannot be bothered to reduce it further. It's too depressing.

**=Whatever. I'm using "then" deliberately, pointedly, even - ironically.

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Phil A said...

Alas I slept through this ;-) earthshaking event - As did my better half.

Still, I did get to discuss it with someone at work who was up and did experience it.

I missed the recent total eclipse of the moon for the same reason...