Thursday, 3 January 2008


Just in case anyone is interested, the current flood of posts is to dry up, owing to the resumption of work soonish. I will try to post a bit more often than before,but I can't guarantee that I can be bothered.


Liz said...

Kylie was pretty good I thought.

What Susan Howatch have you been reading? I assume it's the ... um ... Starbridge or later stuff. I think The Heartbreaker is one of the best books ever and the High Flyer really had me scared and shouting at the book.

The Tin Drummer said...

I've read the first 5 Starbridge novels, in just over a week or so and feel slightly sick with spriritual crises. I haven't read the novels you name, maybe I should.

Kylie was good: she was a bit more restrained than I was expecting.

Liz said...

You should go on and read them. They include different characters and are set in london but Darrow is still there and plenty of spiritual agonies. They are all such page-turners.