Friday, 11 January 2008

Get In x2

I make a point of only writing about my personal life in the most guarded, drunken, metaphorical ways (see previous post, although I wasn't drunk as it was posted at 10am or something and even I have only had four or five Stellas by then), unless it concerns Doctor Who but today I am going to bust those rules. This is why:

1) I am being taught in a European University - namely, my poetry is being studied by a student in Vienna, who has been assigned some of my work to look at. Considering that I am not worth one of Ted Hughes's bollocks, this is soooo cool.

2) The final viewing figure for the Doctor Who Xmas special goes as follows:


I'll just repeat that, in case you missed it:


This means that in my local cemetery there is a moss covered stone with "Doctor Who: 1989" inscribed at the top, and a load of "3.1m, 3.6m, 3.9m, 4.0m" figures carved underneath. This stone has now fallen below the surface and is no longer readable.

The Voyage of the Damned is the 8th most watched Who EVER, beaten by one Hartnell and six T Baker episodes.

13.31million. Wow.

The second most viewed programme of any kind (and that includes all the pornography) of 2007.

Top Banana.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

What was so good about it? Was there a monster with two dicks? That normally pulls a big audience.