Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Why I Hate Cricket

Because, among other reasons, which include passing off the murder of one of the game's greatest sons as so much media bluster, England have been stuffed, by 9 wickets to end their piss-awful WC campaign. England mustered 154 and SA got there with 9 wickets to spare and Graeme Smith on 89* from 56 balls.

England's lack of attacking aggression mirrors the general collapse of confidence in both England and Britain - their 4th crappy WC exit in a row exceeds the dismal record of the footballers and leaves the rugger players laughing into their pints of lager.

Until 1992 England featured in 3 World Cup finals, losing them all.

Since 1992 England have failed to reach the semis of any WC.

PissPoor. Fuck off, you bunch of useless tossers. And if someone wants to quote this post as evidence of the badly behaved, illiterate and bullying right wing blogosphere, as everyone seems to be after it at the moment, they can. And here's an extra "fuck off" for their delectation.

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Colin Campbell said...

Rather well put.

Tin up old boy. Just go outside and bang your drum. You'll feel better after that. If not you can come back in and bash your Michael Vaughan inflatable doll with a cricket bat.

Seriously it has to be mental thing.