Friday, 13 April 2007

Cricket WC

Some of you may, if you can be bothered, be wondering why I have said nothing about the cricket World Cup since the murder of Bob Woolmer.

The reason is in that sentence, as well as in the fact that this is the most spectacularly pointless, badly organised, over-long, smugly priced tournament in cricket's history that will do it more harm than good in the eyes of the non cricket world. It should have been scrapped after Woolmer's death but that no consideration was even given to that, nor no memorial given nor any kind of significant involvement by the ICC in remembering Woolmer - just goes, for me, to expose the venality of the ICC as well as their staggering incompetence.

So. It's crap.

And as if that weren't enough for English people (I appreciate that we're not the world, and only a small bit of world cricket support) this WC has coincided with best Champions League performance by English clubs for years. I suspect I wasn't the only person who switched, in half despair at times, between Life on Mars and Man Utd 7-1 Roma on Tuesday night...

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