Thursday, 26 April 2007

Area Blogger Struggles for Inspiration

A local blogger today reported feeling "devoid" of inspiration, and so resorted to posting trivia based on misunderstandings or misprints, just to keep the sitemeter stats ticking over. The blogger,30, said "Despite the total and utter mess our country is in, the fact is I know nothing about economics or politics and live in fear of being tackled on a big subject by someone who knows what they are talking about. So I couldn't think of anything to post except a cheap joke at the expense of ceefax."
It is believed that the blogger, whose blog goes under a rubbish title,was keen to post something about Gordon Brown's pension raid but when asked about it he said "Look. The bottom line is, I don't know anything about anything, let alone the complexities of fiscal decision making. I'm more than happy just to read the Torygraph and tut occasionally instead."
His partner, who refused to give her age, said "I wish he'd stop all that bloody nonsense. He spends more time writing crap for a bunch of nerds than he does with me."
Another problem for the blogger is thought to be the need to sound original, as well as the need to sound furious. "The trouble with that is I just can't be bothered. I'm far beyond anger now and besides, other people are loads better at swearing than me," he said, to which his partner added:
"See how sad he is, he's even talking in html code now."

It is thought that the blogger might "go down the pub" instead of posting, or possibly "watch a bit of tv".


pommygranate said...

very good! how to find your unique selling point when faced with 71 million competitors.

Matt M said...

To blog or not to blog, that is the question.

You could always distract yourself from these kinds of thought by commenting on other people's blogs.

It works for me.

james higham said...

I love it when you're in this mood, TD.

Rev. Dr. Incitatus said...

Yea, I packed up my tent pegs and became a blog-gypo a few months ago. Never looked back since.