Sunday, 18 March 2007

Very Sad Cricket News

A day after seeing his Pakistan side lose to Ireland, Bob Woolmer has died. Aggers has just broken the news during commmentary on the England v Canada game. Apparently he was found unconscious in his hotel room this morning and taken to hospital where his condition was "serious"; now he has gone. I can only hope that this brilliant, likeable man did not lose his life because of a silly game - in the sense that I kind of hope it was not the stress that caused a heart attack or something. I know that sounds a bit strange, but cricket is a game, a lovely, funny game: but it is a game and the pressure it creates is out of all proportion to its importance.

RIP Bob Woolmer.


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

True of sport generally, perhaps?

To put your point in reverse, I bet Bob would have been happier dying thinking of cricket than dying thinking of something else.

I suppose when someone has given their all to a sport we feel their loss more poignantly.

The Tin Drummer said...

Yes - unless he died because he was broken or stressed by the game. I still haven't heard any possible causes though I've read he was diabetic.