Saturday, 24 February 2007

Football Fracas

Football fan bloggers might have noticed a bit of a stir going on this week between Man United and Lille. Utd defeated the French team 1-0 in Lens (the Lille stadium currently being rebuilt) but the result was overshadowed by controversy including unpleasant scenes of fans being hauled over fences, tear gas, faked tickets, and, according to Lille, an unfairly taken free kick, leading to Lille taking off their players. I am staggered by the club's refusal to admit responsibility for any of this at all, but you can read more about the serious stuff hereand decide for yourself. Lille also insist Utd are to blame for the faked tickets - at the moment I don't know whether there were any or not, but anyone who comes into a game with a fake ticket should be banned for life. End of.

However, as soon as the match was over, Lille wrote a formal complaint to UEFA...about the free kick! The club insisted that in France when there is a disputed decision the players kick the ball out of play to talk to the referee - as if they were completely unaware that they were not playing a French match, but a UEFA Champions League game. They also maintain today that 'The feeling of injustice is shared with all those who love football'. In totally typical modern style, Lille have attempted to assume victimhood, and have also assumed widespread public support. Well maybe in France. But here in England that is not the case. Utd were entitled to take a quick free kick, and did so. Also end of. Had Lille not tried to blame the cock ups on everybody and anybody not part of the football club of Lille they might have more support here than they do. But to suggest that everyone who loves football feels aggrieved is ridiculous. What Giggs did was allowed, was skilful, and was a nod to the fact that a free kick is meant to be an advantage to the team with the ball, and not meant to be a demonstration of egalitarianism.


Ellee Seymour said...

I detest how football makes normally sane men behave like animals, both on and off the pitch. There is no way players should earn such vast sums, it should be made more affordable to families and I would like to see the premier teams touring the country so fans who cannot pay the price of their tickets get the chance to see them. As long as they behave well, of course.

james higham said...

There speaketh the woman.

The Tin Drummer said...

Amen, sister.