Friday, 9 February 2007


England have won....again!!! England have just defeated Australia in a nail-biting ODI at Melbourne, thanks mainly to Collingwood's 120* and McGrath's failure to take any wickets. They've now beaten Australia twice in two matches. This is excellent stuff and frankly ridiculous.

Also excellent is the fact that I have a _second_ day off work owing to the fact that it's still snowing. I'm going to do a bit of reading, Primo Levi and Umberto Eco probably.

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Colin Campbell said...

I watched most of the second innings. It was like England were the fielding team, given the number of mistakes. It looked like they were going to win most of the last third of the innings, but without Collingwood, they would have been stuffed. The bad news is that Australia often lose the first game of the finals, only to come storming back. Just this once, it would be great for England to win again.