Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Supporting the Police

No, it's not a post about Sinn Fein. They probably treat the police with more respect than the guy I've just heard (Clive Betts on Radio 5 Live).

He has three complaints about the police re their investigation of the Cash for Honours scandal.
1) It's taking too long
2)The police are deliberately leaking information
3) Arresting a woman at 6.30am is outrageous.

I have never heard such open criticism of the police from a politician of the governing party. His main point seemed to be that the police should now put up or shut up (preferably shut up). He has, however, no complaints about the conduct of the Labour Party which has led to this, or about the conduct of the party during this investigation.

Why should the police do anything for the convenience of Labour? So what if it's taking a long time? Complex investigations often do. The allegations of deliberate leaking and also of misconduct are serious and should be backed up with evidence or withdrawn - instead of which he simply repeated them like a little mantra.

As I read on another blog some time ago, Labour big wigs were much quieter about the shooting of an innocent Brazilian than about the investigation of their own for law-breaking. They would be screaming from the rooftops if it were another Tory financial scandal but instead we have the typically modern open armed bafflement that anyone could think we've done anything wrong and anyway you've no right to go about it like this.

Come on Labour. Shut up and govern properly or **** off.

UPDATE: 1.10pm: Well I guess Tony Blair _did_ shut up, in that he failed to answer any questions on it. And this to Lord Morris - no, my "noble" Lord, it is not distracting us from real issues, the corruption of the governing party is a very real issue. Nor is it making people suspicious of politics - only of Labour. There is a difference, Lord Morris, believe it or not.


Peter said...

I too heard the interview. If that's the best they can do, then clearly Tony is up the creek.
It was embarrassingly fatuous.
The idea that it could only be the police who are leaking stuff was comical.

james higham said...

Blair's gone. Full stop. Just how rapid the descent was was mind-boggling.

Ian Grey said...

I haven't caught up with the actuals but it looks like Labour are now going quiet, something they will have to do anyway as soon as anyone is charged.

I don't like this idea of arresting people without charging them- if they don't get charged, is it wrongful arrest? The DNA & prints are on the PNC regardless.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Nice one TD