Tuesday, 16 January 2007

The Shitbag's Shitbag

Regular readers of this blog will know that I loathe and despise Charlie "Lord" Falconer. He's just been on Radio 5 now, spouting his anti-democratic, arrogant, poisonous shit yet again. He's just said there are more than enough English MPs to force through any measure that England wants in the UK Parliament as it is, so an English Parliament is wholly unnecessary. You stupid fat git, how the fuck did we end up with tuition fees then, while Scotland didn't? Whose support was essential?

Why is this unelected idiot yet again commenting on matters of democracy? Yes I know the answer already. It's his job, believe it or not. One that he is no more qualified to do than I am to build houses. Whatever your views on an English Parliament (and I'm not convinced that I want another layer of govt), the right of this man to comment and worse, to make the rules, was given to him by a busted flush of a PM, his friend and flatmate, and not through his own ability - it is a calculated slap in the face to Britain and to democracy (Falconer made a big thing just now of saying "he" was happy with things as they are) to let Falconer anywhere near the constitution or indeed anything else.

If the revolution ever comes, I would like to have his very considerable guts; I have orders for plenty of garters.


not_saussure said...

Should you ever find yourself short of business I think I guarantee you plenty more orders for garters from my learned friends; I think it fair to say Lord Falconer has not exactly made himself popular with the legal profession, since he seems to regard courts and trials as rather expensive nuisances that get in the way the 'delivery' of 'community justice'.

The Tin Drummer said...

I didn't know that, but why aren't I surprised?