Monday, 8 January 2007

If He Can Do it....

I've just seen lightweight 80s children's tv presenter Simon Parkin ("Simon Parkin's always larking" in the words of the immortal song) on Thames Valley Tonight - as the "weatherman".

Well with reference to Jeremy Jacobs' new year tag, if Parkin, chiefly known for being a professional prat, can reinvent himself, I'm sure I can.


Patz said...

tin drummer, WL from Sicily here. Gosh, there is hope for us all, then, as you say.

By the way, I'm having trouble with comments on my own blog. I know some have gone astray so please don't think I have rejected any of yours!

The Tin Drummer said...

Aha, I thought you'd lost at least one of them!
Blogger seems to be in a funny mood today, lots of sites and comment boxes have been down.