Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Erm...New Year

I've left the Happy off because I'm not at all delighted by the prospect of a New Year, nor am I sad or nostalgic for the old one. 2006 was a miserable, mean-spirited year, which ended with typical nasty prurience with the widespread viewing of Saddam's execution. I oppose the death penalty; and I have no sympathy for Saddam: but our media's obsession with the footage has been grisly and almost pornographic. Any optimism I might have had for the new year dissipated before it had even begun in the homespun yet exotic-and-enticing footage of Saddam about to drop (in some papers they helpfully showed the pictures of the drop itself). Rubbish and disgusting.

On a lighter note, thanks to all those who left messages for me over the holiday period. I wanted-and needed- a time off to recharge and to stop churning out rubbish ten or so times a week. I am back, but I don't feel any better about the world or the future. I'm with the french anti-2007 protestors from Nantes, who rightly opposed the relentless and damaging march of time, refused to recognise the new year and immediately, on the striking of midnight, starting anti-2008 protests.

Let us return to 1982: at least then we'd have 3 glorious years of Peter Davison as Doctor Who to look forward to.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Welcome back. I agree with you re Saddam and the death penalty. Most of my friends here in Sicily agree with me that the whole business was barbaric and that showing it on TV and in greater detail on the net was worse still. What, I would like someone to tell me, has been gained?

Like your comments on the French protesters. Vive la France, I say!

Morag said...

awww..........yes it's a bit of a strange one but call me Pollyanna I LOVE this time of year. A clean slate and all that. Yes there's a lot of pretty awful stuff but at least we're out there Thinking The Good Thought. Maybe if enough of us do it, eventually we will make a small difference (one hopes).

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Spicy Cauldron said...

Two things:

1. Finally got the chance to listen to the radio interview. Fantastic job! I've highlighted it in my latest blog entry which is all about the Defending the Blog initiative.

2. Peter Davison, Doctor Who.. If you're a fan of his Doctor, check out Big Finish who have been producing a series of excellent audio adventures featuring his and the sixth, seventh and eight Doctors for quite some time now. x

The Tin Drummer said...

Thank you Spicy, for both points. I had heard of the Big Finish audios but have never actually heard one, as it were. Maybe I will, now. I say Davison not because his stories were brilliant (some were, some were rubbish) - but because his Doctor, his characterisation, is just a joy in any story he is in.

james higham said...

The Thunderdragon is certainly of this opinion and I go so far as to say certainly - public execution is barbaric and pornographic. I've repeated this comment at his site.

Welcome back, fellow blogger, fellow administrator and friend. Now we're really cooking with gas.

not_saussure said...

Welcome back, and congratulations on (and thanks for) the radio interview.

Gracchi said...

Ah the French- Vive la France- how cool can they get.

Welcome back.

CityUnslicker said...

The world is a richer and safer place than it has ever been in human history. We can lose this when we focus on the small events that bother us all so. The big picture has never been so rosy.