Saturday, 6 January 2007

Another Tag

Corporate Presenter has tagged me thusly:

We're a week into 2007. Do you know what you want to achieve by the end of January? Have you set goals to reach by the end of the first quarter?

If not, why not?

Have you taken on too much, or are you in a dither as to know what to do?

Just how is it for you on the morning of January 6th?

answer: This is too difficult to answer properly. No I don't have any real goals, never have had: but I am at a point in life where I do need to set some. I have no proper work (although I teach, it's not full time anymore) and I need some. I suppose I'm in a dither, have been for a good twelvemonth or so. I always think that the Divine Comedy foreshadows Jung with its opening about the fork in the road at the midpoint of life; I have been standing at this crossroads for a while now - both roads look difficult and unappealing and it is physically impossible to take the road back, as it has disappeared.

Sorry not to give a humorous or effective answer, CP: but it's a question close to my heart and one I struggle with.

Enough of the personal stuff.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

The Last Ditch appears to be getting tiresome of memes and suchlike as well. Take heart my dear fellow, I shan't trouble you again on such trivia.

On to much more important matters like humour, football, Birthdays and lovely young women.

Colin Campbell said...

As ever Jeremy reads the tea leaves very well. Onya Jeremy.

james higham said...

Go into 'voiceovers'. You'd be good and it pays.