Monday, 4 December 2006


Norm has this to say on the speech codes being rolled out across Australia's cricket grounds:

At the same time, even with intimidating on top of threatening, disparaging along with vilifying, much is left out. At one of the days of the Adelaide Test I put together a longer list:

... offends, insults, humiliates, intimidates, threatens, disparages, vilifies, abuses, belittles, scorns, denigrates, traduces, ridicules, dehumanizes, dishonours, defames, victimizes, contemns, disrespects, slanders, frightens, taunts, torments, wounds, derides, terrifies, terrorizes, petrifies, demeans, maligns, badmouths, and [to go with 'offends'] upsets, dismays, demoralizes, depresses, distresses or anguishes...

Presumably this would include such appalling statements as "Australia 200 for 1" and "Australia wins the Test by 277 runs" and even worse, the cricket gods forbid, "Australia regains the Ashes". We must indeed be protected from offence such as this.

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james higham said...

This is truly moronic. I had a look at the team guidelines for Australia for the last Pakistan series and they were mindboggling. PC is out of control downunder. Never stopped Waugh or Healey though.