Saturday, 9 December 2006

More web Controversy

Bit of a row brewing over Ministry of Truth and Bob Piper's use of racist language to criticise the Tories today: Dizzy, covers it, as does Praguetory.

No sign of it on the BBC yet, unlike the racist poem circulated among Tory councillors a few weeks ago. But then I suppose that this is lefties pointing out the permanent racism of the Tories, so that's ok. I'm interested in the defence that as it was designed to be offensive, it does its job so that's ok too.

UPDATE, 5.00PM: I'm told in an email that 97% of bloggers who've expressed an opinion on the subject in comments and so on disagree with Bob Piper and his methods of criticising the Conservative Party. There only seem to be four Tory or rightish sites carrying the story at the moment. Anyone else want to take up the reins?


Praguetory said...

Conservative Home have picked up on it, too. That doesn't tend to get ignored by the MSM for long.

The Tin Drummer said...

Isn't that odd? I thought they had but I couldn't find it when I came to post on it.

james higham said...

I have a problem with the word 'offensive'. If you want to call me a Russkie loving, Bible bashing, balding piece of white trash, go ahead. Call me an appaling WASP. Whatever. It's your right of free speech. Free speech means free speech, not free speech but with these exceptions I find offensive.