Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Holocaust Denier Not Released

David Irving was not recommended for release today. These sources which claim that he was, ie the BBC, are just the mouthpieces of Zionist propaganda. Until I see some solid evidence - namely the bricks of his cell, and eyewitness testimony from people who can be trusted - which clearly does not include his jailors or people who were there as they obviously have axes to grind - I will remain convinced that David Irving is behind bars, where the miserable old git belongs. As for this ghastly "holocaust denier" industry that has grown up around him, it's all a load of fetid dingo's kidneys. David Irving is in jail, has always been in jail, and will always be in jail. Indeed, I've written a little poem about it:

David Irving is a jailbird
In fact he is a smelly old turd
We'd like to see him in the shit
But he already lives in it.


The Tin Drummer said...

addendum: I expect to see David Irving supporting me in any controversy which might follow this post. He will, of course, support my right to free and unfettered free speech; and besides of which I composed this post 17 years ago and it no longer represents my

CityUnslicker said...

are you going to follow him by putting on 4 stone in weight in 3 months too?

The Tin Drummer said...

It's perfectly possible. I've managed that this year, after all.