Saturday, 2 December 2006

Being Paul Collingwood

..must be pretty good right now. That holy grail of England batting, the double hundred, has finally been discovered. The last one was by the pie-eating Rob Key in 2004, the last one before this in Australia by a Pom was Wally Hammond in 1936/7. It sounds to me like a sub-continental pitch, offering nowt for bowlers, but even so, as a Pom, batting in Australia will always be difficult work. So well done to Colly, who's never really been rated in the same way as his contemporaries, always seems to be the guy to make way if someone else comes back from injury, but who's always done his darndest - and who now has the 2 highest scores by anyone in this England team, 206 and 186.


james higham said...

Yes, a mighty feat indeed and the whole England team showed true grit so it will be a series after all.

james higham said...

Did you see McGrath's and Warnes' stats?

The Tin Drummer said...

Yes, 1 for 200 or something between them. unique, I believe.

Still, there's 15 wickets for England to take and quite honestly with Anderson doing nothing I can't see it.