Sunday, 10 December 2006

BBC Picks Up on Piper

The BBC has picked up on the Bob Piper story: Tory Leader Portrayed as Minstrel

as has, finally, Iain Dale. Prague Tory has obviously been hurt by some of the personal abuse hurled at him for mentioning this story, and he says in the comments: This incident may be a prelude to my cessation from blogging. I am in a period of reflection. I will not be commenting again on this thread.

I haven't read much of the abuse, but some of Bob Piper's defence of his conduct has taken a personal tone in some places: upsetting some pompous prick of an Iain Dale wannabe isn't going to make me lose any sleep. (At Tim Worstall, who wasn't impressed with the furore). Although PT has hit back more than capably on the same thread.

Cllr Piper is clearly in the wrong here and he has not really defended himself well, seeming to rely on smears and further accusations against both his critics and the Tories. All I would say to Prague Tory is not to give up, lots of us enjoy reading you, and you've clearly done a good job here. Well done, sir. Sit back and have a nice glass of wine.


james higham said...

Nice take on this at Bel is thinking. The Left really should look at itself.

james higham said...

Tom Paine has a great post on Leftist thinking too.