Tuesday, 12 December 2006

5 Live Hits the Mark, Again

Heard on a trailer promoting Radio 5 Live this afternoon: the guy, a 5 Live commentator, is reminiscing about the World Cup; he says:

"those two great rivals, Germany and Poland..."

er, I guess you could put it like that, yeah.

On a similar note I was drinking in the pub last night (great thing to do, heartily recommend it) and I got chatting to the woman behind the bar who is Czech. she mentioned that she was going home for Christmas, etc, and really looking forward to it. She complained that most of the people who come to the pub think that the Czech Republic is the same as Poland, and that many of them have never even heard of the country. I was immediately ashamed at our collective ignorance. I indulged in a little Blair style apologising, by saying that we screwed up big time in 1938 and 39 and that we manipulated Czechoslovakia out of existence. To her credit, she took it well and didn't ask for reparations, just £3.30 for my pint and packet of crisps.

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Jeremy Jacobs said...

Sums up English education doesn't it!!