Friday, 10 November 2006

More Lickspittle from the Drummer

I've often asked myself these questions:

Who is going to take them on?
Who is going to expose for the self-righteous cunts they are?
Who is going to expose their lies and their manipulation of a compliant media?
Who is going to demonstrate their utter ignorance of anything but the mechanics of taking power?

The fact is, when confronted by power, or the lure of power, even people with stellar Oxbridge degrees (unlike stella degrees, like mine....mmmm...stella...)become brain-dead fuckwitted twats. If they are Labour, they say what they think academics want to hear (beause it guarantees another generation of students and another load of "reports" that just happen to recommend socialist happy remedies). If they are Conservative they say what they think anyone answering opinion polls wants to hear, and if they are Lib Dems, they spend their time accusing the Tories of racism while promoting some pretty nasty views themselves.

(Not to mention Menzies (("Ming" - how I love to hear the familiar version) Campbell giving Mohammad Khatami an honorary degree - an event which has, incidentally, caused zero comment in the MSM.)

So - erm, what was I saying?

Oh yes - the answer: the Devil. He's brighter, more daring, and, maybe, a week or two younger than me.

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