Tuesday, 14 November 2006


What better to spend my 100th post for this blog than by mentioning Laban Tall's excellent recent form. As well as giving me a plug on his blog he has carried out a huge investigation into the BBC's lack of interest in the Kriss Donald murder until recently for Biased BBC, and pointed out some dazzling inconsistencies in justice for his own blog. I like the idea that a 66 year old man who has kept firearms for years without hurting anyone is a danger to the public and goes down, but a young man who attacks a boy in a toilet stays free.

As an aside on the above subject, why, given that the judge decided that the murder of Kriss Donald was racially motivated after all, did the 3 men receive tariffs of between 20 and 25 years, given that they'll be eligible to come out in their early to mid 40s after a crime whose callousness, brutality and cruelty is without peer in recent times? Surely a "hate crime" extra should have been tagged on? Maybe someone can enlighten me on this. It would surprise me greatly if the socialist republic of Scotland didn't have similar hate crime provision to England (where two men got 30 years for the murder of a gay man a few months ago).

More frankly indifferent news: instead of working, I've just noticed that Trescothick is to miss the Ashes series with "a recurrence of a stress related illness". I have no idea what is going on in his head, but Marcus is one of the most attacking and gifted openers in world cricket. Whatever he is going through, I hope he'll be back.

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