Monday, 27 November 2006

ho ho

It must be April 1st.

The front page of the BBC website has a big plug for themselves, saying:

The BBC's Battles/Fighting for Editorial Independence.

When I had finished laughing, I realised they were serious. Do they cover their noted battle for independence over EU or multicultural issues? Do they cover their fight to get the racist murder of Kriss Donald recognised for what it was?

It's interesting that this arm of big government thinks it can play on the over-taxed public's sympathy for them against other arms of big government. As if the BBCs bias and incompetence today is somehow justified by whatever role they played in the General Strike. The BBC still does not realise that it is not a poor little victim, but a privileged taxation funded media enterprise which uses its advantage to squeeze genuine companies out of business and attempts to crush its rivals, not by making more money, but by begging the government for it.

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