Wednesday, 15 November 2006


The no comments policy is hereby lifted, for a trial period only!

But I'm using comment moderation.


The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...


Well done TTD. I, of course, shall take none of the credit for changing your mind.



P.S. James Higham has conniptions about word verification on the basis that "they are not words". He is, of course and as he is in so many other ways, wrong.

cfpvd: noun. Unpleasant disease spread through contact with destructive and nonsensical EU policies.

james higham said...

David Farrer is an excellent blogger, well respected in the sphere and you've done well to link him. This now brings us down to politics and how I detest them. You're clearly left of both David and me and someone like Norman Geras is so far left he's off the chart. And yes - we're talking about the term I used today - class bloggers. I think it's crazy to let politics come between gentlemen who clearly respect each other's abilities and I'm certainly not choosing the blogs I come to on any sort of political basis. It's the nature of the guy and the quality of his writing. That's all.

The Tin Drummer said...

Crumbs. I don't often get called left of anyone! But I agree, James. I respect Norm and his blog massively, even if I disagree with a lot of it, just because it is cogently argued, well written, humane and interesting.

On the other hand, the guy who posted the abuse of David Farrer has appalling politics and can't write for toffee.

The above two gentlemen share the responsibility for comments appearing on this blog, and indeed have the only comments on this blog, apart from this.