Monday, 20 November 2006

BA are a Bunch of Discriminatory Idiots

I have to admit, when I heard that the woman in this case was going to appeal, I thought that common sense might actually prevail.

Au contraire. BA are maintaining that crucifixes are to be hidden at all times.

So let's look at the logic, shall we? Again?

She said during Monday's meeting, British Airways told her it respected her faith and accepted the cross was not jewellery, but would be standing by its original decision.

"The policy does not ban staff from wearing a cross. It lays down that personal items of jewellery, including crosses may be worn - but underneath the uniform. Other airlines have the same policy."

Fine. She must be lying then, because BA cannot both recognise that the crucifx is not jewellery and insist that it is. If they do treat the cross as jewellery, why say this:

"The policy recognises that it is not practical for some religious symbols - such as turbans and hijabs - to be worn underneath the uniform. This is purely a question of practicality. There is no discrimination between faiths."

So. You do recognise that the crucifix is a religious symbol, you allow other faiths to wear visible symbols, but you do not allow Christians the same privilege. Either that or the above statement is totally irrelevant to this case.

Given that you do allow other faiths to wear visible symbols of faith, you cannot be offended by the appearance of religious symbols per se. Given that you have admitted that the crucifix is being treated as such, why is it to be hidden and other symbols are not? Just because they can't be hidden? What kind of spurious reasoning is that? Why would you need to hide one religous symbol anyway, if you are happy to see others?

As I and His Grace and many others pointed out first time round, if she came into work wearing a bishop's mitre, or priestly vestments, or a foot long crucifix, would she be allowed to wear them openly, because it would not be practicable to hide them?

BA's defence of their illogical position is non-existent, but relies solely on their authority as bosses. Why aren't the unions jumping up and down about this? They are not quoted in the BBC website report at all. Surely they should be in the forefront of fighting discrimination?

I'm pleased to say that I can give in to my fear, save the planet, and boycott BA -all without doing a stroke of work. Life can be extremely comfortable sometimes.

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