Monday, 25 September 2006

Gordon's Speech As It Happens on Radio 5 now. Gordon says "we must never forget that we are servants of the people" [paraphrased]. Rubbish. He doesn't believe that and nor does anyone else who governs Britain or part of it today.

He also says that his relationship with Tony Blair has been at times a bit shaky but he is proud to have worked with him. Ho ho.

Jeez, he is talking about the next 10 years now! Of course the programme for government will be different, Gordy, that's because it will be a different government as soon as the public have the chance to vote you out as a totally uncharismatic, aloof and narrow-minded prime minister. Does anybody still believe this guff about New Labour being for everyone, instead of for a small cadre of like minded North London liberals?

Parents into it now. He loves his mum and dad. "Each of us had to live by a moral compass" said his parents. Well why are you a member of a government that hates the very concept then?

It's only been 10 minutes or so and I am bored already. I'll never make a true political junkie. I'm off to the co-op.

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