Friday, 29 September 2006

Charlie "Democracy" Falconer

I loathe and detest the political animal that is Charlie "lord" Falconer. As a passionate democrat, I refuse to capitalise the l in "lord". Here is a man who only today on Radio 5 Live was pontificating on the type of society we wish to have: clearly, for him, an ideal modern democracy contains unelected politicians who are able to change the constitution and then argue that it represents greater modernity on public radio. Don't get me wrong: I wish for a fully elected house of lords, if I am ambivalent about de-monarchisation that is because I think QEII has greater integrity and wisdom than any unelected president (please don't be fooled into thinking that becoming a republic would mean an elected president - Australia's debate showed the fallacy of this reasoning well enough). And yet, for this man, and presumably, for many other like minded lawyers (sorry, I meant "devoted defenders of our ancient constitution"), the Human Rights Act is great because it means we have an active duty of care over people who hate our guts and come here precisely to act this hatred out. For such people, according to Charlie Falconer - "ordinary people have rights just as criminals have" (as near as dammit a direct quote from R5L this morning).

My loathing and mistrust of him is equal to his loathing and mistrust of me and the rest of us ordinary people. The man is a shit. Before getting rid of Blair, who at least is a democrat, get rid of Falconer, who is a destructive, anti-democratic and blissfully ignorant pus-filled boil on the arse of Britain.

Sorry. I really don't like him at all.

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