Friday, 11 August 2006

Norman Geras

I hate to sound like a lickspittle, but honestly, Normblog is one of the most decent, well argued blogs around. As more of a conservative than a liberal I err towards Iain Dale in terms of political blogs but I seem to always agree with what Norm posts, which is often explained carefully for those (like me) who don't get it first time. More to the point, perhaps, Norm is a leftist who truly believes in emancipation of the weak and social justice, instead of just cheerleading for today's left terrorists (Provos, Baader-Meinhof, Red Brigade, "Angry Brigade" - bunch of twats - ETA, Hamas and Hezbollah - not that these two are proper leftists, but they're attractive to leftists, it seems) against an imaginary capitalist conspiracy. Norm is a bright guy, much much brighter than me, and he believes in a better, thoughtful, unprejudiced future. If his posts seem uncritical of Israel that is not the case, but he is extremely critical of leftists who think that the future is to be secured by shacking up with homophobes, religious extremists, borderline racists and, let's be honest here, fascists. There are many sites which are full of unthoughtful leftists, so let's celebrate Normblog, one which unashamedly promotes everything that is brilliant and intelligent (rather than clever) - not least of which is cricket, although his clear Australian sympathies mean he should perhaps be put on trial.

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